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February 27, 2015  

Ep 40 - Opiate overdose in the ED

stemlyns31400.jpgSimon and Iain debate how the management of opiate OD has changed in the ED.

Surely you're not still giving massive doses of naloxone IV and IM are you? Really? Maybe this will make you think again.



February 22, 2015  

Ep 39 - Prof. Tim Harris on Shock Assessment (LTC 2014)

Do you think you're awesome at assessing shock?

Think again!

The stupendous Prof Tim Harris (who St.Emlyn's loves) tells us that all is not quite as it seems.....

Listen, learn, be awesome.



February 10, 2015  

Ep 38 - New (or are they really new) Oral Anticoagulants and the Emergency Physician PART 2

Rick and Kirstin delve deeper into the world of Novel Oral Anti Coagulants.

February 2, 2015  

Ep 37 - Karim Brohi at LTC (LTC 2014)

Karim Brohi joins the St.Emlyn's team at the London Trauma Conference to talk on vascular injury and arterial dissection. A whole range of diagnoses that you should not miss, but which is easy to miss.


Check out the blog post that accompanies this podcast here.


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