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March 26, 2015  

APLS 2015 updates for the management of the serious injured child. St.Emlyn’s

A short podcast updating the UK Advanced Paediatric Life Support (APLS) course guidelines for the management of trauma in children.

Don't forget to read the blog post here. APLS Updates: New kids on the block,



March 22, 2015  

Ross Fisher and Natalie May discuss Paediatric Major Trauma at the London Trauma Conference


I recently met Ross in the flesh. What a super chap. A great clinician who really wants to improve care for injured children in the UK and around the world.
In this podcast he gives us a paediatric perspective on how we should approach the seriously injured child.

Great stuff, controversial in places, challenging to adult dogma and always excellent.


PS. If you ever get to hear him speak.... then do, he's awesome. Check this out.

March 15, 2015  

Is trauma an elite sport. Tom Evens joins St.Emlyn’s.


Tom Evens is a doctor, rowing coach, prehospitalist and awesome resuscitationist. In this podcast he talks about aspiring to be excellent and whether we can draw parallels with sport.
Great stuff.
Check out the marginal gains post which is referenced in the podcast here

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