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November 28, 2015  

Clinical Judgement for the Emergency Physician


My talk from the RCEM conference in Manchester 2015.

Linked blog post here.

Slides are here

Have fun and enjoy your emergency medicine.


November 26, 2015  

The Turban technique for head bandaging

Watch Now:

Priya, Jose and Marcin demonstrate how to use a 2-inch and a 6-inch bandage to create a turban-style scalp bandage which doesn’t slide off the patient’s head. This technique does not apply direct pressure to the wound itself and so is of limited use when there is still active bleeding.

Courtesy of Nat May who now works at Oxford MTC.

You can read more here


November 2, 2015  

When things go wrong - the difficult conversation at St.Emlyn’s


Simon and Nat talk about how to have that tricky conversation when you have to tell a colleague that they may have made a mistake.