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July 31, 2016  

Handover part 2.

Part 2 of our podcasts on major trauma handovers. This follows on from the discussion at SMACC and is intended to operationalise the concepts we talked about then. This is aimed at a UK audience but should apply pretty much anywhere. So hands off, eyes open and listen in, here we go.

July 26, 2016  

Summer update from St.Emlyn’s

Just a quick update on what the team has been up to, and plans for the next few months.


July 8, 2016  

ED Handover in the resus room.

Whilst we were in Dublin at the SMACC conference we took the opportunity to get some great minds together on the subject of ED handover at the point between prehospital and hospital teams for the critically ill or injured patient in the resus room.

This is an area of some difficulty in many areas (prob shouldn't be, but it is) and we thought it would be fun and useful to get perspectives from both sides.

As ever, we are not here to be definitive and your service may have a fantastic model that works well. This podcast is to help you think about what you're doing and to consider whether it can be improved.

Doug Lynch is a retrieval doctor from Australia
Ashley Voss-Liebig is a flight nurse from Texas
Natalie May is a retrieval doctor from Sydney (Virchester Alumnus)
Rusty Carroll is a senior paramedic from Virchester and a great supporter of the ATACC group.

We don't have all the answers, but we do have the ideas.

In Virchester it can certainly be improved.....

Tell us what you think and keep an eye out for the blog post on the same subject coming soon.



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