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December 27, 2017  

Ep 102 - HEMS, reflections and St.Emlyn’s e-books.

Natalie and Simon discuss reflections, e-books and life at Sydney HEMS. This week we have added Lorikeets in the background (Nat recorded at Coogee Bay in NSW). We think they sound cute so we've kept them in (or rather we could not edit them out).


December 9, 2017  

Ep 101 - November 2017 Round Up

Our November round up of news from the blog with Simon and Nat.

December 9, 2017  

Ep 100 - How to use WhatsApp and other group messaging systems in a Major Incident.

A quick summary on how you can use group messaging systems in a major incident. A vast improvement on telephone cascades BUT you have to set this up in advance. If you make it up on the day it will be a disaster. Here's the tips and tricks from the Virchester team. You can read more here

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