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October 24, 2020  

Ep 178 - Surviving the Second Wave with Liz Crowe (October 2020)

In this special edition of the podcast, Liz Crowe discusses with Iain how we can find contentment, despite the relentless nature of COVID19 and the impending second wave. She gives practical, realistic advice that everyone can consider and encourages us all to be kind to ourselves in these strange and difficult times. 

October 20, 2020  

Ep 177 - September 2020 Round Up

Welcome to our audio round up of everything on the blog during September.

It's been a relatively quiet on the blog post this month, but we chat through not only blogposts on the REMAP-CAP trial, TXA in Head Injury and the ISARIC COVID Risk prediction tool, but also the situation in the North of England and the recent RCEM Virtual Conference.

The numbers of Lesson Plans available continue to grow. We've had some great feedback following their use in induction. If tyou've not seen them yet, do have a look and let us know what you think. If you're interesed in learning more about Baysian thinking this Lesson Plan is a good place to start.

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October 1, 2020  

Ep 176 - JC: Can we give tranexamic acid (TXA) via the IM route? (October 2020)

Interview with Ian Roberts on the pharmacokinetic trial of intramuscular tranexamic acid.


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