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December 22, 2010  


December 22, 2010


EBEM stands for evidence based emergency medicine. We are a group of emergency physicians based in Manchester, England who are passionate about getting academic 'evidence' into clinical practice. We are researchers, clinicians, teachers and enthusiasts for moving our speciality forward.

Our aim is to link the best of academic emergency medicine into clinical practice. You can learn more by visiting our related websites.

Bestbets at is a repository of over 2000 evidence based articles on emergency clinical practice.

StEmlyns at is our virtual hospital

StEmlyns (Moodle) at is our online classroom

Do visit and subscribe to our blog at

So have a look around and listen to the podcasts. You might learn something, or you might be able to teach us something. Give us feedback and argue your case. We'd love to hear from you.