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September 30, 2014  

Ep19 - In Situ and Guerrilla Sim in the ED

September 30, 2014

1400simman.jpgIain and Simon talk through the practicalities of in situ sim in the ED. How do we make it happen in a way that works and helps individuals, teams and departments learn together.

Much of the work in this podcast should be attributed to John Gatward from Sydney Australia who inspired us to start and to Kirten Walthall our new Sim Fellow who introduced records and departmental learning processes to our systems. 
There are a couple of errors on the podcast. Firstly it's roughly 18 months that we have been doing in situ sim, time must fly so much that I said 9 months! Secondly, on reflection we average 2-4 sim sessions per week, but that includes some sessions that are not in situ, held in a separate area when training other groups of docs in the hospital. The ED in situ frequency is 2-3 sessions per week.
As ever we stand on the shoulders of these giants who support what we all hope to achieve.