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January 16, 2018  

Ep 103 - December 2017 Round Up

January 16, 2018

December round up of St.Emlyn's

Dates for your diary.

1. Cape Town Teaching Course

2. Manchester Teaching Course

3. BadEMFest18


Blog posts.

1.Dan does part of State of the Art #ICSSOA2017. St.Emlyn’s

2.Management of paracetamol therapeutic excess in the ED. St.Emlyn’s.

3.The ED Spa. Wellness and Support in #Virchester. St.Emlyn’s. (NOTE - We forgot to mention the incredible contribution of Kirsten Ballantyne on this project - it's more than just Laura)

4.JC : Paracetamol, NSAID’s or both in MSK trauma. St.Emlyn’s

5. 104 Reflections from Sydney HEMS – the eBook. St.Emlyn’s

6.MARSIPAN – Not just for (Christmas) Cakes. St.Emlyn’s

7.How to ask a question at a conference. The origin of ‘that’ algorithm. St.Emlyn’s

8.Review of 2017. St.Emlyn’s

If anyone wants to know more about any of the conferences we talk about please get in touch with the team