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September 9, 2016  

Ep 78 - Intro to EM: Upper GI bleeding

As part of our induction series we look at the management of upper GI bleeds in the ED.


August 24, 2016  

Ep 77 - Critical Appraisal Nugget 2: Blinding and Masking in clinical trials

Rick and Simon talk blinding (and masking) for your critical appraisal delight.

See more at

August 17, 2016  

Ep 76 - Communication workshop with Liz Crowe (SMACC DUB)

Liz and Iain review the communication workshop at SMACC Dublin. This is relevant to everyone who works in clinical care.

More great stuff from Liz (and Iain ;-) ).


August 10, 2016  

Ep 75 - Critical Appraisal Nugget 1: Randomisation

Our series on critical appraisal nuggets in 5-10 mins. This week it's Randomisation. Great if you are revising for an exam in critical appraisal (e.g. FRCEM).

June 26, 2016  

Ep 72 - Wellbeing with Liz Crowe

If you want to be the best clinician for your patients then it's important to look after yourself.

In this podcast Liz and Iain talk about making a plan to fell better, be better and be well.


June 22, 2016  

Ep - 71 SMACC Dublin Day 3 Round Up

Iain and Liz reflect on day 3 of the SMACC Dublin Conference

June 16, 2016  

Ep - 70 SMACC Dublin Day 2 Round Up.

Nat and Iain round up day 2 at SMACC Dublin

June 14, 2016  

Ep 69 - SMACC Dublin Day 1 Round Up

Simon and Iain reflect on an emotional day at the SMACC conference in Dublin 2016


April 29, 2016  

Ep 68 - An Englishman in South Africa with Robert Lloyd

Robert Lloyd aka @ponderingEM from the Pondering EM blog joins Simon to talk about his experiences in a South African ED. This is an amazing tribute to the work our South African colleagues and how an Englishman found a way to adapt to the challenges (and there are many) of SA EM practice.

You can find his references for the talk here.

March 23, 2016  

Ep 67 - Intro to EM: Sepsis

For the induction series in EM. Tips, pointers and awareness of sepsis in the ED.

February 24, 2016  

Ep 66 - When Professional and Personal Worlds Collide with Liz Crowe

Iain and Liz discuss boundaries and medicine. What do you do when your personal life impacts on your clinical practice. 

February 4, 2016  

Ep 65 - The management of Paediatric trauma in the UK with Ross Fisher

Ross Fisher, consultant paediatric surgeon and lead for TARNlet joins Simon Carley at the London Trauma Conference to discuss the challenges in managing paediatric trauma in the UK.

January 25, 2016  

Ep 64 - International Meeting for Simulation in Healthcarewith Sandra Viggers and Vic Brazil

Sandra Viggers and Vic Brazil grace St.Emlyn's with a conference report from Sand Diego and the

International Meeting for Simulation in Healthcare (IMSH) #IMSH2016.

January 13, 2016  

Ep 63 - The Role of UK Trauma Units with Tim Coates (LTC)

Iain Beardsell joins Tim Coats, chair of the UK Trauma Audit Network, to discuss the role of trauma units within major trauma networks.

December 30, 2015  

Ep 62 - The role of paediatric surgeons in trauma with Ross Fisher (LTC)

Simon and Ross Fisher from Sheffield discuss the emerging role of paediatric surgeons in trauma. This podcast was recorded at the London Trauma Conference (so sorry for a bit of background noise at times).



December 17, 2015  

Ep 61 - Grief at Christmas with Liz Crowe

Iain and Liz discuss how we can manage bad outcomes at Christmas. It's especially tough for patients and their families when tragedy occurs at times when we are all suposed to be festive. It's also tricky for staff and their families. Liz and Iain talk through why we feel like we do and how we can manage ourselves and others better.

December 8, 2015  

Ep 60 - Londoon Trauma Conference 2015 Day 1 Summary

Greetings from the London Trauma Conference!

As has become our pre-Christmas custom, Iain and I have been hanging out at the fabulous London Trauma Conference, hearing about advances and controversies in trauma care and tracking down some of the speakers to find out exactly what they really think (and recording it, for podcasts we'll release in due course).

The conference extends over four days, incorporating the Air Ambulance and Prehospital Day and the Cardiac Arrest Symposium; unfortunately we can't stick around for those but our colleagues over at the RCEM FOAM network will be podcasting from those days too, so keep an eye on their site and podcast feed too.

December 4, 2015  

Ep 59 - Lessons learned from the November Paris attacks with Youri Yordanov

We are truly honored to listen and learn from Dr Youri Yordanov from Paris. Youri was the senior emergency physician on duty on the 13/11/15 during the brutal and terrifying terrorist attacks in Paris. Here he joins St.Emlyn's to discuss how they managed a mass casualty incident with lessons for us all.

There is no doubt that without the skills, preparation and response of Youri, his ED team, the wider hospital and the emergency service in general the death rate would have been much worse.

Thanks Youri for your wisdom and reflections.



November 2, 2015  

Ep 57 - When things go wrong - the difficult conversation

Simon and Nat talk about how to have that tricky conversation when you have to tell a colleague that they may have made a mistake.



September 27, 2015  

Ep 56 - Intro to EM: How to refer a patient

How to make a referral from the ED to an in patient team.

Iain and Simon give you tips on making it great.
September 5, 2015  

Ep 55 - Communicating (not Breaking) Bad News with Liz Crowe

Liz Crowe joins Iain Beardsell to discuss really difficult conversations in the ED. How do we communicate terrible news in the ED and critical care.



July 26, 2015  

Ep 54 - Intro to EM: Analgesia in the ED.

Iain and Simon discuss the core skills that all EM clinicians need to manage pain in the ED.

These are the basics, but don't be put off. The basics are more important than the fancy stuff that we will discuss in a later podcast.



July 16, 2015  

Ep 54 - A tribute to John Hinds

A podcast mini to round up and look forward to the next few months on the podcast.

We also have a special recording of Danny Boy from the Irish Youth Choir and conducted by Greg Beardsell. This performance was dedicated to Dr John Hinds in Dublin following his untimely death in a motorcycle accident.

Please listen and take a moment to remember him and all that he has done to inspire everyone involved in the care of the injured.



July 12, 2015  

Ep 53 - Day 2 and 3 Round Up (SMACCUS)

Day 2 and 3 at #smaccUS. Iain and Simon round up the highlights and look forward to #smaccDUB.


July 7, 2015  

Ep 52 - Managing grief in the ED with Liz Crowe

Liz Crowe has delivered some great talks at SMACC, and her talents do not stop there. In her real job she is a social worker on PICUs in Australia. She has a wealth of experience at helping people through difficult times and she shares that with us here on the podcast.

In truth this is something we planned to do when we were all in Chicago but the podcast has added poignancy following the tragic death of John Hinds. Although planned as a stand alone subject we cannot help but contextualise the topic in light of recent tragic events.

We hope it helps now and in the future.

RIP John Hinds
Crack the Chest talk at SMACCUS



June 25, 2015  

Ep 51 - Day One Round Up (SMACCUS)

The first day of #smacc15 was amazing. An incredible introduction and an amazing program.

Have a listen to what the St.Emlyn's team got up to on day one.
June 24, 2015  

Ep 50 - All in a day’s work (SMACC 2015)

Iain and Simon discuss Iain's SMACC talk and how we deal with difficult cases in the ED.

June 24, 2015  

Ep 49 - SMACC Workshops Review and Pearls

Recorded in Chicago at the SMACC US Conference, Nat, Rick, Simon and Iain discuss the day of workshops and look forward to the main conference.

June 4, 2015  

Ep 48 - Intro to EM: The patient with back pain.

Another induction podcast on a common condition in the ED. Back pain in the ED - it's not all musculoskeletal and there are some really risky diagnoses out there that you need to think about.

Back pain is a multi system disorder....., until you can prove otherwise.

Don't forget to listen to Iain's talk on chronic pain link here.


Red flag symptoms and analgesia advice below.


May 22, 2015  

Ep 47 - Barbra Backus on Risk scores in Acute Coronary syndromes

Barbra Backus joins Rick Body to discuss the origin, development and future of risk scores for ED patients with possible acute coronary syndromes. Two researchers at the top of their game, and  authors of the HEART and MACS scores.

May 6, 2015  

Ep 46 - Intro to EM: The patient with asthma

Iain and Simon discuss the initial management of severe and life threatening asthma in the resus room.

Another podcast in the induction series aimed at new starters in Emergency Medicine.



April 27, 2015  

Ep 45 - Top 10 trauma papers 2014-2015.

A first podcast with Simon Laing from the RCEMFOAMed team. We look back at influential trauma related papers from 2014-2015.

This talk was presented at the Trauma Care Conference in Telford 2015. It's a great conference and I'd encourage you to attend.
If you want to know more visit for more discussion and links to all the papers discussed.
March 26, 2015  

Ep 43 - APLS 2015 updates for the management of the serious injured child

A short podcast updating the UK Advanced Paediatric Life Support (APLS) course guidelines for the management of trauma in children.

Don't forget to read the blog post here. APLS Updates: New kids on the block,



March 22, 2015  

Ep 42 - Paediatric Major Trauma with Ross Fisher (LTC 2014)


I recently met Ross in the flesh. What a super chap. A great clinician who really wants to improve care for injured children in the UK and around the world.
In this podcast he gives us a paediatric perspective on how we should approach the seriously injured child.

Great stuff, controversial in places, challenging to adult dogma and always excellent.


PS. If you ever get to hear him speak.... then do, he's awesome. Check this out.

March 15, 2015  

Ep 41 - Is trauma an elite sport? with Tom Evens (LTC 2014)


Tom Evens is a doctor, rowing coach, prehospitalist and awesome resuscitationist. In this podcast he talks about aspiring to be excellent and whether we can draw parallels with sport.
Great stuff.
Check out the marginal gains post which is referenced in the podcast here
February 10, 2015  

Ep 38 - New (or are they really new) Oral Anticoagulants and the Emergency Physician PART 2

Rick and Kirstin delve deeper into the world of Novel Oral Anti Coagulants.

February 2, 2015  

Ep 37 - Karim Brohi at LTC (LTC 2014)

Karim Brohi joins the St.Emlyn's team at the London Trauma Conference to talk on vascular injury and arterial dissection. A whole range of diagnoses that you should not miss, but which is easy to miss.


Check out the blog post that accompanies this podcast here.


January 24, 2015  

Ep 36 - The GoodSAM app with Mark Wilson (LTC 2014)

Live from the London Trauma Conference 2014. Iain Beardsell interviews Mark Wilson on the need for rapid response, digital technology and the GoodSAM app.

January 18, 2015  

Ep 35 - New (or are they really new) Oral Anticoagulants and the Emergency Physician PART 1

Rick Body and Kerstin de Wit discuss the role of NOACs in clinical management. Part 1 addresses the basics, stuff you should know if you are prescribing these drugs.

Part 1 tells us the good stuff, don't forget to listen to 2 and 3 in the next few weeks as not everything is perfect ;-)

Check out the BLOG POST HERE


January 6, 2015  

Ep 33 - Impact Brain Apnoea with Gareth Davies from London HEMS (LTC 2014)

First of our podcasts from the London Trauma Conference.

A fantastic episode with Iain talking to Gareth Davies (from London HEMS) talking about Impact Brain Apnoea.



December 23, 2014  

Ep 32 - The Christmas review podcast 2014

A Christmas review of the world of EM, CC and resuscitation #FOAMed.

This review is no way exclusive and focuses on sites that people may not be  familiar with. Take it as read that EMCRIT, LITFL, PHARM, ICN, SGEM, EMLitofNote, ALiEM,, KI docs, etc. are already known to be awesome. Check them out and follow the many excellent #FOAMed sites around the world.

Check out the big hitters here

There are also so many other sites that we have not mentioned, but which we regularly visit and listen to.



December 10, 2014  

Ep 30 - London Trauma Conference: Day two round up.

Old, young, pregnant, social, airways, cricoid and dogmalysis. There is loads to catch up on from #LTC2014.

Iain and Nat take you through the day.



December 9, 2014  

Ep 29 - London Trauma Conference: Day one round up.

Whilst I remain in Virchester healing the sick and injured, Nat and Iain are sharing the #FOAMed love at the London Trauma Conference. This is the first round up from day 1 with many highlights and a few tasters for some more podcasts to come.



December 3, 2014  

Ep 28 - Iain and Nat preview the amazing London Trauma Conference.

Next week Iain and Nat will be in London for the best trauma conference in the world. Join them in person, online, on the podcast and on twitter.

Check out the program here, it's amazing.

Have fun :-)


November 24, 2014  

Ep 26 - Intro to EM: The ED approach to the child with shortness of breath

Iain Beardsell and Natalie May talk you through a wise and safe approach to the child with moderate shortness of breath. Listen and learn from the St.Emlyn's team.

November 12, 2014  

Ep 24 - Getting started in Emergency Medicine Research

The Challenge and Value of Research in Emergency Medicine: at DGINA 2014

Rick Body's talk from DGINA on the need for research in EM.

Check out the associated blog post at

October 31, 2014  

Ep 23 - Smacc Chicago update

Iain and Simon talk about the upcoming SMACC conference in Chicago and do their very best to persuade you to come to the best conference in the world

DOI - Both Iain and myself are being funded to attend. 
October 23, 2014  

Ep 20 - Understanding Troponin Part 3: The NICE guidance.

Rick and Iain explore how the latest guidance about the use of high sensitivity troponin was developed and how far we can be assured that it is evidence based.

The NICE guidance is available here.



September 30, 2014  

Ep19 - In Situ and Guerrilla Sim in the ED

1400simman.jpgIain and Simon talk through the practicalities of in situ sim in the ED. How do we make it happen in a way that works and helps individuals, teams and departments learn together.

Much of the work in this podcast should be attributed to John Gatward from Sydney Australia who inspired us to start and to Kirten Walthall our new Sim Fellow who introduced records and departmental learning processes to our systems. 
There are a couple of errors on the podcast. Firstly it's roughly 18 months that we have been doing in situ sim, time must fly so much that I said 9 months! Secondly, on reflection we average 2-4 sim sessions per week, but that includes some sessions that are not in situ, held in a separate area when training other groups of docs in the hospital. The ED in situ frequency is 2-3 sessions per week.
As ever we stand on the shoulders of these giants who support what we all hope to achieve.
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